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Political Possibilities following Islom Karimov’s Hospitalization

Sometime during the morning of August 28, Islom Karimov, President of Uzbekistan, was taken to Toshkent General Hospital for necessary medical care, the nature of which is not currently known. Known popularly as “Islom Amaki”, or ‘Uncle Islom’, President Karimov has been the sole ruler of Uzbekistan since he came to power in June 1989 during the breakdown of societal and international order as the Soviet Union imploded. The nation looks on in shock and terror, not out of surprise — Mr. Karimov was born in 1938 and spent most of his life in the less than salubrious conditions of Soviet factories, making some health problems look almost inevitable — but because over between 60 and 70 percent of the population has never lived when Uzbekistan was not ruled by the firm hand of the Karimov government; his ill-health raises the specter of death, which in turn opens political possibilities that Uzbekistan may slip into a political ether full of unknown terrors. Those citizens older than 30 who do have at least some memories of governments not led by Mr. Karimov may be even more anxious than the nation’s youth, precisely because they do not have to depend on imagination to conceive of an Uzbekistani political order sans Mr. Karimov.
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