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Death and Dismissal in Newest Row over Economic Policy

Within a period of a week, Uzbekistan has lost two of its leading lights in the world of economics: Fayzulla Mullajonov and Rustam Azimov. The small amount of time elapsed between the death of the long-time Director of the Central Bank and the dismissal of Deputy Prime Minister Azimov is no coincidence; it is the result of a turbulent fight over the future economic policy of the Republic. Mr. Azimov was the head of a faction of Uzbekistan’s top economic leadership who sought to restructure Uzbekistani economic policy around Keynesian principles, a project which he hoped the reformist President Mirziyoyev would support.  Instead, just as under the Karimov administration, Mr. Azimov found his ambitions stymied by a conservative faction who wish to preserve the risk-adverse economic model designed by President Karimov. This conservative faction was headed by Dr. Mullajonov, who had run the Central Bank of Uzbekistan since its establishment in 1991 and had been a major engineer of the ‘Uzbek model of development’, and Mr. Azimov sought to take advantage of his death to advance his own economic agenda. Convinced of the rightness of the traditionally risk-averse economic policy, a point he believed he had made clear earlier that year during a rare public criticism of Mr. Azimov’s proposed budget, President Mirziyoyev dismissed Mr. Azimov for pursuing these projects instead of concentrating on his assigned duties. While tensions over budgets and economic policy have existed for years, Rustam Azimov — the former Minister of Finance and Deputy Prime Minister — is certainly the most high-profile casualty of the conflict.
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